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Damas Knives is a Belgium-based online retailer specializing in high-quality Damascus knives. Established in 2019 with an initial French website, the company has since expanded to cater to international clients, offering products across multiple European countries and the US.

Driven by a longstanding passion for knives, Damas Knives showcases a curated selection from renowned brands such as Brut, Sakai Takayuki, Masutani Hamono, Jikko, Shizu Hamono, Ardennes Coticule, and their own signature brand, Couteaux Damas. Alongside the impressive collection of Damascus knives, Damas Knives also provides natural sharpening stones and other essential accessories for knife enthusiasts.

Why join the Program?

By joining the Damas Knives affiliate program, you become part of a rapidly growing company specializing in premium Damascus knives. Damas Knives is a top choice for knife enthusiasts worldwide, catering to a niche market of passionate customers ranging from professional chefs to outdoor bushcrafters. With hundreds of verified reviews and a rating of 4.8/5 stars, the store has built a strong reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

The user-friendly Damas Knives website allows customers to effortlessly browse through diverse product offerings in their local currency, with items categorized by brand and knife type. This ensures a seamless shopping experience, resulting in excellent sales conversion rates and average order values. Damas Knives is committed to providing exceptional service, offering flexible worldwide shipping options, including free standard delivery for orders above 150€ within select regions, and expedited shipping for those requiring their products sooner.

As an affiliate, you’ll benefit from attractive incentives, such as immediate cashback on large orders and exclusive access to promotional offers and monthly deals. Damas Knives consistently introduces new brands and products, ensuring a fresh and enticing catalog for your audience to explore. By joining the Damas Knives affiliate program, you’ll not only promote a unique and sought-after range of knives and accessories but also partner with a company that values quality, customer satisfaction, and ongoing growth.

How do you benefit from the Damas Knives program?

Banners: Creatives updated in line with promotions and seasonal events
Datafeed: Fully automated and updated daily
Commission: Earn 8 – 35% commission or fixed CPA starting from 50€
Exclusive offers: Access private offers and sales only available for affiliates
Checkout links: Use your own landers with our direct checkout links
Cookie Length: 30 days
Affiliate Approval: Manual
Voucher Codes: Both generic and exclusive codes available

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Upon agreement, some affiliates are permitted to run paid search campaigns, bidding on store names, stocked brands, and generic keywords. Affiliates can also directly link to our site, ensuring a streamlined customer experience.

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