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Even though we have been passionate about knives for quite a while, our story really kicked off in early 2019 with the launch of our French website — couteaux-damas.com. Little did we know that what started as a small local online store in Belgium would soon turn into an international website translated into 3 different languages… And this has only been possible with the help of our amazing customers. So we would truly like to thank you all for supporting us on this journey. Even if it is just a “like” or a “share”, this means a lot to us!

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Our Happy Customers

Here’s what people are saying about our products.

Image #1 from Lee S.
Lee S.
Verified ownerVerified owner

My overall experience using my new knives was fantastic. I am over the moon with the knives and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys handmade knives and outdoor cooking.

10 months ago
Image #1 from Veaceslav C.
Veaceslav C.
Verified ownerVerified owner

good fellows good knives and seller !!! thanks

9 months ago
Image #1 from Петър Д.
Петър Д.

The best knife of this type I’ve ever had. Thank you all!

1 year ago
Image #1 from Marnix V.
Marnix V.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Delivered in 3 days. Really beautiful knives. And sharp as a rasorblade. ❤️

1 year ago
Image #1 from Sten B.
Sten B.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Quick delivery to the Netherlands.
Good quality knife with heavy body that handles quit nicely!
Great for meat/chicken and veggie’s, no regrets, great knife!

1 year ago
Image #1 from Raffaele E.
Raffaele E.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Received the Picnic knife 2 days ago
Just faboulous; the craftmanship, the weight , the blade the look
Nobody should go for a picnic without it!
Just 2 comments; would love to know where it was produced and how to take care of the blade
The care should be included and as it is my first knife made with this technique, would have loved to have it

1 year ago
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