Folding knife with a Damascus blade: 3 tips for its maintenance

Damascus folding knife in the woods

The Damascus knife is distinguished by its patterned blade. It is particularly appreciated by knife lovers and professionals. To ensure its longevity and maintain its aesthetic appeal, it is important to maintain it well. Here are 3 tips for maintaining a Damascus folding knife. Maintenance of the blade So, if the Damascus knife is designed … Read more

5 Tips For Sharpening a Knife

Sharpening your knives will ensure they are in tip-top shape and pleasant to work with. Here are 5 tips for sharpening your knife the right way.

What you need to know about taking care of a carbon steel knife

You may have recently purchased a carbon steel knife, or you may still be thinking about it and you are looking for information. Your question is: how to maintain your carbon steel knife? While conventional stainless steel knives are relatively easy to maintain (although not infallible), carbon steel knives require a little more effort. Considered … Read more

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