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Bushcraft Serbian Knife

$145 $94.25

Early VIP offer: Here’s the Bushcraft version of our popular Serbian Knife…

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Here’s what’s new compared to our original Serbian knife:

Premium rosewood handle
V-shaped designed to cut wood and small bones

You can now cut and chop anything with this versatile hardened carbon steel blade. Whether it is vegetables, meat or even wood and small bones, it cuts effortlessly through everything. This will really be the last knife you will use! It has a perfect weight, feel, balance, finish, and sharpness, even for the outdoors!

hand forging


This unique and rare knife is forged and shaped by hand before being heat-treated using traditional techniques. We are very careful about the heating and quenching process in order to give each knife a hardness between 58 and 60 HRC. In addition, the physical density and rigidity of this knife are also improved by repeated hammering. No more soft edges or broken tips!

Perfect Shape

Manufactured for years and specially used in Asia, this kind of light cleaver is the result of endless trial and error. It could not have been more perfect!

It has recently been popularized by AlmazanKitchen on YouTube.


Can be used to cut anything: from vegetables to meat, nothing can resist it! Due to its width, the blade can also be used as a spatula. It is particularly appreciated for barbecues 

Carbon Steel Blade

Forged with high-carbon steel and sharpened by experienced craftsmen with almost a decade of experience, this knife is much sharper than a traditional stainless steel knife and is easier to sharpen.
Buy it once and use it for the rest of your life!

Sturdy & Durable

This time, we have chosen to use rosewood for the handle in order to give it a strong natural look. Due to the hardening methodology used by our blacksmiths and our careful hardening methods, the balance between rigidity and toughness of this knife is guaranteed to make it more resistant and durable. You will never have to use another knife again!

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1075 high carbon steel


59 HRC

Blade length

17 cm

Blade thickness

3 mm


10 cm




21°, double bevel