Pattern Welded Chef Knives

After having forged and shipped over 100 pieces of our best selling pattern welded chef’s knife, it was time to work on his little brother.
Using a full tang design for this kind of paring knife makes it heavier and brings the center of gravity toward the handle: you finally have a real knife in your hand while the blade seems to fly flawlessly.
This is Stéphane’s favourite so far!

In case you don’t have our chef knife already, we also made a special combo set so that you can get both of them at the same time 😉

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Chef Knife Only

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Forged damascus chef knife by Damas Knives

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Combo Deal

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damascus chef knives set

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Paring Knife Only

Our Latest Design

damascus paring knife

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You probably know it better than anyone else… But after countless efforts and research, you still haven’t found that rare piece you’re looking for… That one item that best suits your needs and will help you cook the best recipes in the world… That one tool that will be a perfect addition to your kitchen and help you work wonders! 

Whether you are a chef, an experienced cook or just an amateur who loves cooking, you can probably relate to this! And there’s certainly nothing more frustrating than wasting your money on useless and pointless equipment.

So, if you are looking for that one companion that will never fail you, then look no further! We might be able to answer your prayers with this unique elegant design and pattern…

Easy to grasp, those knives will allow you to effortlessly cut your ingredients and are great for precision cutting. So far, we’ve made hundreds of customers happy and they all praise these high-quality knives. If you’re not convinced yet, try it for yourself! We can deliver it quickly to your door!

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