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Belgian Coticule Whetstone


Our favorite stone to get a mirror finish and a razor-sharp edge!

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The yellow Coticule, is a premium natural stone extracted in the Belgian Ardennes since the 17th century. It is glued on a substrate of stronger black slate due to the fact of being a rather brittle material. Just like the Belgian Blue Whetstone, the extraction of the that Coticule is a time-consuming task that must be carried out very meticulously, without the use of machinery.

This whetstone consists of 30 to 42% of garnets that give the Belgian whetstone its exceptional sharpening characteristics. The garnets penetrate 1 to 3 microns into the metal to be sharpened resulting in a razor-sharp cut, for any object that is to be sharpened.

The smooth geometric shape of the garnets means that they sharpen the metal without leaving behind tiny burrs, which is unique to the whetstones!  This results in a fine gleam without scratches on the blade, which makes the knife considerably easier and more comfortable to use.

The quality of this natural stone is slightly on the upper edge compared to the BBW and can easily compete with a 6000-8000 grit Japanese whetstone!

Note that tiny hairline cracks may be visible along the edges of the stone. This is perfectly normal and has no influence at all on the sharpening properties.


Ardennes Coticule

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