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Corundum Sharpening Stone


Affordable 2-in-1 whetstones made out of corundum! Start the sharpening with the first side… Then move to the higher grit side for a sharper blade.

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Made from professional grade aluminum oxide, it is therefore NOT necessary to use expensive oil; only water is required. Works better than a diamond sharpening stone for knives.
The bamboo support is non-slip to ensure your safety and prevent the stone from slipping.
No more blunt knives… Slice anything with ease and get the precision of a real professional!

  1. Immerse the stone in a container of water for a few minutes
  2. Start sharpening with the colored side at an angle between 15 and 20°. If you are not yet used to it, don’t panic, we offer you a guide to fix on the knife with your stone.
  3. Once the knife is sharpened along its entire length, move to the other side of the stone if you want a sharp mirror.
  4. (optional) Have fun slicing a sheet of paper? Watch your fingers!

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