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The Shikisai Miyako Bread Slicer is a highly advanced knife designed for perfectly slicing bread every time. When developing this knife, Shizu Hamono set out to create a tool that would not only slice soft bread smoothly, but also have the ability to slice harder breads such as French bread without crushing or damaging the loaf.

To achieve this goal, Shizu Hamono spent considerable time researching and testing different blade designs. The result of this work is the Shikisai Miyako, which features a unique blade made from 33 layers of Damascus steel. This blade combines the strength of high carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8 with the stain resistance of low carbon SUS1A-1, creating a durable and long-lasting knife. The blade’s unique design allows it to slice through both soft and hard breads with ease, producing clean, precise cuts every time.

In addition to its advanced blade design, the Shikisai Miyako also boasts a comfortable handle made from pakka wood, a type of laminated wood that is both attractive and easy to hold. With a blade length of 240mm, a blade height of 34mm, and a blade thickness of just 2.2mm, this knife is capable of slicing through loaves of all sizes. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, the Shikisai Miyako Bread Slicer is an excellent choice for slicing bread with precision and ease.

Additional information

Blade length

24 cm

Main steel


Blade edge

Single bevel

To ensure the longevity and safety of your knife, do not attempt to cut hard or frozen materials.
Proper care of your knife includes hand washing with warm water and thoroughly towel drying it before storing.
Please avoid cleaning your knife in the dishwasher as the harsh detergents, particles and high heat can damage the blade and handle over time.


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