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3 Pattern Welded Chef Set


  • Hand-forged Damascus steel blades
  • Made of 1095 high carbon core
  • Sturdy handle from exquisite rosewood
  • Rockwell hardness of ~61 HRC
  • Ideal for everyday cooking, outdoor use, BBQ
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Looking for an exquisite knife set for every occasion? Don’t miss our limited Easter Special! This exclusive set consists of three knives made from hand-forged pattern welded Damascus steel. From our bestseller, the multipurpose pattern welded chef’s knife, a small paring knife for fruit and vegetables to the Japanese style Kiritsuke knife – this trio is the perfect set for any chef. Hand crafted by traditional blacksmith techniques, all three knives come with a Rockwell hardness of 61 HRC, the premium category of steel hardness. This set includes:

Pattern Welded Chef’s Knife

A Damascus chef’s knife that combines utility and aesthetic with its pattern welded steel and blade thickness of 2.5 cm (1 inch). This knife is the ideal choice for precision, easily slicing through everything from vegetables to meat. It was designed for multipurpose use in everyday cooking. Thanks to its exquisite Rosewood handle, the chef’s knife is particularly water-resistant and suitable for frequent washing.

Pattern Welded Paring Knife

This hand-forged Pattern Welded paring knife is the little brother to our proven bestseller, the Pattern Welded Chef’s knife, and the perfect knife for preparing garnishings and chopping smaller items. Thanks to its sharp blade, you will be able to cut, chop and slice anything from garlic, nuts to strawberries with ease and precision.

Pattern Welded Kiritsuke Knife

A chef’s knife that stands out for its design and utility. Thanks to its thin and curved blade, the Kiritsuke knife is the ideal knife chopping vegetables. It cuts, chops and slices effortless and with precision any sort of vegetables, from onions and tomatoes to eggplants and potatoes. A proficient and stylish knife for any ambitious chef.

Looking for an Individual Knife?

While you’ll get the best deal by purchasing them as a bundle, our knives are also sold individually.

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