Choosing Your Kitchen Knife: Which Knife for Which Use?

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as using an expertly crafted knife to make magic in the kitchen. Is it even fun to cook if you don’t have the right tools? The perfect knife will become your culinary companion joining you in the excitement of effortlessly inventing new dishes. Considering that you may be spending many years together it is vital to have a high-quality instrument.

Every style of knife has a different purpose, and you should have a collection to ensure you can manage anything you need to from slicing fish to chopping vegetables. We decided to explore which knife is for which use. We want you to choose knives that will make cooking more pleasurable and help you deliver fantastic meals.

Chef’s Knife

A good chef’s knife is arguably the most important blade in your kitchen because it is so versatile and can perform any task you set it to. A chef’s knife has a broad blade that tapers to a point which makes it excellent for chopping and mincing. A chef would typically pick a knife that comfortably fits their hand – anywhere between 6 and 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) in length. Chef’s knives can be forged or stamped and have a sturdy handle to ensure you have stability when using them.

We have mentioned that the chef’s knife is versatile and that is because it can be used for chopping, slicing, and cutting anything from vegetables to meat, and even bone. It can also be used for more delicate tasks like mincing herbs if need be.

Utility Knife

A utility knife can also be used for some of the tasks a chef’s knife is capable of but not all. It is generally shorter and slimmer than a chef’s knife measuring between 4 and 7 inches (10 and 18 centimeters) in length, with a narrow blade and small tip. This sleeker design allows for thinner slicing and even filleting.

Boning Knife

As you can infer from the name, a boning knife is used for cutting meat off the bone, filleting fish, and cutting meat. They can also be used for peeling and trimming veggies as a paring knife would do. The average boning knife can measure anywhere from 3 to 8 inches (8 to 20 centimeters) in length.

Bread Knife

This is quite simple to understand, bread knives are used for cutting bread and cakes, but did you know you can use them to cut meat, poultry, and seafood. Bread knives are longer than most knives with a serrated blade suited for cutting large chunks of food. The blade measures anywhere from 7 to 10 inches (10 to 25 centimeters) in length.

Cleaver Knife

This is going to be the heaviest and widest knife in your collection, it is quite impressive in action. Its wide and thick blade makes it best suited to tasks that require a little force like pulverizing meat or crushing garlic.

Paring Knife

A paring knife is the best tool for delicate tasks like making garnishes and peeling vegetables with ninja-like precision. The blade measures between 3 and 4 inches (7 to 10 centimeters) and has a pointed tip.

Steak Knife

The humble steak knife which is sometimes referred to as a table knife is mainly used for cutting meat, from steak to chicken. The blades can be serrated, semi-serrated, or not serrated at all, according to your preference.


Now that you know the unique purpose of the different styles of knives what are you missing from your personal collection? Once you have figured out which knife you need in your life visit our website for a wide selection of quality, affordable knives. And if you need more guidance please reach out we would be thrilled to help you choose!

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