7 Best Serbian Chefs Knives in 2022

As a chef or someone who loves cooking at home, you know that having the right tools is essential to your success. That’s why choosing the best Serbian chef knife for your kitchen is essential.

This blog post will highlight 7 of the best Serbian chef knives on the market in 2022. We’ll also provide an overview of what makes these knives unique and why they’re perfect for you. Further we will tackle the history of this knife, how to use it, some cleaning tips, and the most common questions raised when talking about this butchers’ knife. So, if you’re looking for a new blade to add to your collection, be sure to read on!

Short History of the Serbian Chef Knife

Almazan is a name that many people outside Serbia know to be a Serbian chef knife. It’s not because they have been in contact with some European town named after them but entirely because of the popularity for their craftsmanship and creativity when making these blades. It’s the reason why many outside Serbia recognize the Almazan knife as a Serbian chef’s knife.

People use one of two terms to refer to this knife, depending on what country you’re talking about when discussing this knife. For example, someone who is local and/or and spent significant periods visiting other countries such as Spain will refer to Almazan, others might refer to Serbian knife. Since all nationalities prefer specific words over others, it might become clearer what term people use exactly to describe these Serbian Knives.

Why Should You Care For a Serbian Chef Knife?

When it comes to cutting food, you want the best and most efficient tool for your needs. A Serbian Chef Knife can handle any job with ease! 

Some professionals use this kitchen knife because they’re better than other types of blades.

Durability – The best Serbian chef knife is made from durable carbon steel. Strengthened, using a traditional method, much like handmade forged steels. As such, they will maintain their sharpness over several rounds of sharpening, making them safe for everyday use without worrying about chipping or breaking rapidly due to wear-and-tear.

Raw Food Butcher – A Serbian knife is a versatile tool used for many things, like chopping meat or vegetables. Its sharp edge makes it perfect for tearing through most ingredients, and you don’t need any extra help when handling your food because of the safety features imbedded in this blades design – make sure not to cut yourself with the pointy tip however.

Unique Form – There’s nothing like the beauty and craftsmanship of a Serbian Chef Knife. For generations already made by hand, from natural stone in an ancient process – these blades will give you dozens of uses before having any issues with durability. In addition, they come equipped with a leather sheath so they can remain beautiful while being kept safe when not actively used- just let your grill do all the work once you are finished using them.

Top 3 Best Serbian Chef knives

We are presenting our top 3 Serbian chef knives made for you. There are a few options to pick from, and you can read more about them here.

1. Couteaux Damas Stainless Pattern Welded Serbian Knife

These iconic Serbian knives are now available in an exquisite pattern-welded version. The handle features a warm, natural olive tree wood that gives it not only the quality you expect from this high-end product line but also adds additional comfort and feel.

This knife is a versatile, high-quality kitchen tool. It has an innovative blade shape that takes advantage of new updates and improves performance in both tasks – reducing height while making it slightly longer for use at home or on BBQs/camping trips outside.


  • The handle of this product is from the natural olive tree, which provides a luxury feel.
  • It is a high-end product 
  • This knife is useable in both wet and dry conditions. Its corrosion-resistant stainless steel layers make it last longer than other knives. No need to worry about rust anymore!

2. Damas Knives Bushcraft Serbian Knife

This Bushcraft knife is ideal for all your in- and outdoor purposes. This model has a unique design that makes it perfect for easy slicing through large pieces of meat, wood, or bones!

This hand-forged Bushcraft Serbian knife is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. This lightweight and durable blade allows you to cut through meat with hardly any effort, making it perfect when cooking on the BBQ or during other activities such as camping trips.


  • It is made of a hand-forged single-layer steel, giving it durability and sharpness.
  • These knives are made with XC75 high carbon steel, making them tough and durable.
  • The sturdy Rosewood handle is designed for comfort and control, making it a great choice in any situation.
  • The ultra-thin blade (3 mm  or 0.12 inches) is perfect for delicate work, and the high-level finish will make you look like an expert in any industry.
  • The 21° sharpening angle is more aggressive than other outlines, but it gives you that extra edge in creativity.
  • The hardness of 59 HRC means that it’s a rigid metal. 

3. Damas Knives Forged Serbian Knife

This knife is the ultimate dream for all chefs, with its sleek and elegant design! Its sophisticated features make it pleasant to work with.

This knife is the result of years of development. It can be used for both cooking at home or for your BBQs, but its true potential comes out when you’re handling meats or vegetables – this blade will effortlessly cut through them without so much as even a bruising.


Quality steel – this blade has been hand forged to ensure the best quality. The edge of this knife is of high carbon steel, which means it can cut through just about anything with ease. 

This sturdy handle from black Pakkawood is sure to last for years. Lastly, it has an Ultra-thin blade and a 58-60 HRC hardness.

4. Damas Knives Chef’s Deal (Serbian, Shefu & Itamae)

These three knives are the best tools for any chef. Whether you want to cut vegetables or meat, each knife will be your perfect companion, and you can do it with ease because of its high-quality construction from hand-forged steel.

This particular set includes one hand-forged Serbian knife, one hand-forged Shefu knife, one hand-forged Itamae knife.

Invest in a set of these knives, and you’ll never want to use any other type again. These durable, comfortable blades will become an essential part of your cooking life with their timeless design, that’s sure not to go out of date anytime soon.

Purchasing them as a bundle is the best way as it gives you good value for money, but obviously they can be bought separately!


These blades are single-layer and hand-forged as to create an exquisite edge. They are made of XC75 high carbon steel. The handle of these knives are made of Pakkawood, which gives them an authentic and traditional look. They all have a 16° sharpening angle.

Cheap Chinese Serbian knives you can find on Amazon

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5. KOPALA Kitchen Knife Cleaver 

This Kopala kitchen knife cleaver is created from top-quality carbon and manganese steel. Stainless knives do not require much maintenance, but this type of blade does have an advantage over its stainless counterparts because they can maintain a sharp edge for more extended periods without being easily damaged by regular use in your home.

The maintenance is straightforward and quick. After every use, all you need to do is wipe off any excess water from the blade. As a result, this Kopala kitchen knife offers a high cutting performance with little effort on your part in caring for it.


  • Made using a technique from Asia, this brand is for the modern-day kitchen.
  • The blade is from carbon steel, not stainless steel. It means that it’s essential to keep your knife clean and dry after using it, to ensure the next cut goes smoothly.
  • A single piece of iron creates this knife, so you can rest assured that your handle will never come off.
  • The knife handle is made of Pakkawood, providing a comfortable and stable grip.
  • The sleek and stylish leather sheath is perfect for storing your knife when not in use.
  • Carbon steel is better for knives because it can maintain its sharpness longer than stainless steel. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to use your knife every day of the week, every week.

6. XYJ Full Tang Butcher Knife

It is one of the best Serbian chef knives in the market. The manifacturer has been offering its customers lightweight, high-quality products for over three decades now.

High carbon steel creates this knife with a full tang, making precision cutting very easy. In addition, it increases the strength so that this product can cut through anything with ease without damaging it in any way.

The handle consists primarily of wood; therefore, its overall weight comes to 607 grams – not too bad considering how durable they are when performing heavy-duty tasks like food preparation (among other things). This particular model’s prices will make sense if you’re looking for something affordable yet still good quality.


  • The handle and blade are seamlessly connected without soldering, giving the knife an elegant look that will make it extraordinary in your kitchen.
  • The knife comes with an innovative leather sheath to protect the blade and keep it safe.
  • The manganese steel butcher knife has a solid and durable edge that won’t easily bend or break.
  • It’s predominantly a Chinese kitchen knife and people are manually forging it. Making the blade on these knives takes time and effort to create something so sharp from start to finish, with no machines involved in any way.
  • The ergonomic handle is made of rigid, non-slip material to ensure your grip stays solid and secure.
  • As it is made from high-quality material, this blade makes it easy to clean.
  • Using natural stone grinders in traditional methods, obtains a sharp knife that will cut through anything.

7. Promaja Handmade Serbian Chef’s Knife

Voted as the best knife in 2018 – the Promaja. And they’re not just knives! The multipurpose Serbian brand has been creating these knives for centuries. So along with chopping chump meat or vegetables (among other things), you can also carry out dicing or mincing up your favorite ingredients.

For those who want a knife that’s both beautiful and sharp, Promaja is the perfect brand. All their products are handmade by skilled blacksmiths using Serbian Sarschach steel, which gets forged into these blades with quenching technology to create an expertly crafted knife ready for any task ahead.


  • This high-quality chef knife is durable steel and features a beautifully crafted handle. It’s perfect for any professional or home user alike.
  • The multipurpose knife is an excellent addition to your kitchen tools and will come in handy for many different tasks.
  • The blade has a well-balanced feel to it so that you can make precise cuts with little effort.
  • This knife is very easy to wash and maintain with its durable stainless steel blade. Oil the weapon before using it for the best results.
  • The black parka wood handle gives you a firm grip while maintaining comfort.
  • This knife is perfect for slicing meats and vegetables, but not bones.
  • Made with Serbia’s signature sarchach steel, this knife is durable and reliable.

Things to consider when buying a Serbian chef knife

When purchasing a Serbian chef’s knife, there are several factors to note. Below we’ve outlined these for your convenience.

Aesthetic and Design

When shopping for a Serbian chef knife, look out for knives forged by blacksmiths using traditional methods. A correctly sourced blade should have been made from Sarschach steel and heated by an unusual process involving cooling it down quickly to get the best results possible.


Every knife is a personal purchase, and we recommend you choose one that’s most comfortable for your use. For home, regular or casual settings – small to medium would be best as it will allow multiple services without having any trouble using the tool.

You should always consider what size blade they need when buying their new cutlery set because not all knives are created equal.


You can’t go wrong with any of the knives we have here. They’re all high-quality and very comfortable to use, but what matters most is that you find out for yourself if this weight suits your needs or not.

Grip and balance

If the knife is too heavy at either end or feels uncomfortable in your hands when you cut things with it, then this could be an issue. You need to find a balance that suits you well for whatever task awaits ahead, so don’t give in until everything feels perfect!

How to use a Serbian Chef knife?

When holding a chef’s knife, make sure you use the correct grip. Your index finger should be on top of the blade and the other three fingers close to handling so as not to have any difficulties making cuts with precision throughout your cooking process.

When holding the chef’s knife, make sure that it is parallel to your body—giving you optimal control and precision when cutting food because of how close your fingers are near the blade so they can handle them better than if we’re out in front of where they’re needed most.

Serbian Chef Knife Cleaning Tips

The Serbian blades require good maintenance and attention to keep them in their best condition. Here are some cleaning tips you can use for your Serbian chef knife.

The blade has high carbon steel, so you must make sure it’s dry before placing it in storage or washing it with water. Be sure to dry the blade after every use, and do not let water/liquids stay on it for prolonged periods. It would be best if you never washed the knife in a dishwasher.

To keep your knife in good condition, don’t let it dry out. Instead, use a cloth to wipe away any moisture, and you’ll be fine. To prevent rust and extend the life of your knives, put a few drops of edible oil on both sides before storing. Over time, the blade will develop a natural patina that protects it.

The Serbian Chef knife in action

Here’s a greek burger recipe video featuring a Bushcraft Serbian Chef’s Knife.

Greek Burger - Yummylicious Recipes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Serbian knives worth it?

If you are looking for the best Serbian chef knife, look no further than these Serbian blades. These professional quality utensils will give your cooking skills an edge with their sharpness and durability, so yes, they are worth the investment.

How do you sharpen a Serbian knife?

The sharpening stone is what most people go for when sharpening their knives because it’s easy and quick.

So what is a Serbian chef knife used to do?

This knife is ideal for any chef who wants to maximize their cooking efficiency. It has a unique blade design to cut quickly and precisely, chop and dice.

Are Serbian knives any good?

Yes, these knives are! They are heavy enough so you don’t need much force when cutting. Some models are designed for more delicate cuts and are a bit lighter.

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